Why I'm Stepping Away from Career Coaching

Why I'm Stepping Away from Career Coaching

As some of you know, I was planning on opening enrollment for the Spring cohort of my in-depth coaching program, A Wild New Work, on February 13th. The launch plan was laid out in detail, the program was outlined, and preliminary announcements were made. All signs pointed to pushing forward with my thoughtful plan.

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I'm Taking Space to Re-invigorate

Hi lovely readers, I wanted to let you know that I'll be taking some time away from writing between now and December 27th to do two things: 1) rest and enjoy the season, and 2) think about how to re-invigorate The Integrated Workplace.

It's hard to believe that I've been writing two blog posts per week for over a year now, and to be honest, I'm feeling a bit tired. I also wonder how you're feeling and am thinking about how I can tweak the format, rhythm, and flow in a way that re-energizes things for all of us.

So, I will most definitely be back, I'm just not sure in what exact form :) My guess is that I'll mix the writing up with content in other mediums, but stay tuned!

If you're feeling a little worn down in an area of your work, this is the perfect time of year to take some space from it so that you can see it in a new light. Once you give yourself permission to look at things anew and make them work for you, the gifts flow much more easily.

You *might* hear from me on the Winter Solstice if I'm feeling inspired, but otherwise, keep an eye out for a post from me on Tuesday, December 27th!

I'll still be active in our Facebook community, A Wild New Work, and you're welcome to join me there!

Take good care of yourselves in this dark time before the sun starts to return next week!



Live Career Q + A on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd

megan leatherman career coach and human resources consultantHey there readers, This is a special alert to let you know about a free question and answer session I'm doing *live* next week!

From 10 - 11 PST on Tuesday morning, I'll be fielding any questions you have about your worklife!

Questions could range from the job search process to how you can create a career you love. You could ask about a gnarly situation you're in at work, or about how to survive in a job you know is the wrong fit. Any and all work-related topics are welcome!

We'll be meeting on my Facebook page, chattin' it up and learning together for an hour. This will be more fun than refreshing your email at work while everyone just waits to leave for the Thanksgiving holiday, I promise.

To sign up and be alerted when we're live, click here for the event page.

I'd love to have you there! Of course, if you have a more complex issue you want help with, my Dear Megan column is always available.



Win a Spot in A Wild New Work!

megan leatherman a wild new workI'm offering working women in Portland a new, innovative group experience starting October 29th, and it's called A Wild New Work. This group is for women who are ready to make work work for them. 

It's for women who want to find ways to bring more of themselves into their careers with a supportive community behind them.

We'll meet for four hours per session and dig deep into issues like intuition, boundaries at work, and work life integration.

If you're ready to shake things up in your worklife and imagine a better, wilder way of doing things, I've got some good news:

I'm giving away a spot in this group for free! 

Spaces normally cost $475, but with one click, you could be joining us gratis!

Here's all you have to do: just pick a social media outlet (or choose all three and triple your chances to win!) below and "like" the post! That will enter your name into the raffle, and I'll choose the winner on Wednesday afternoon. Easy peasy!

Click here to view the Facebook post

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A New 9-Part Series: Questions & Answers

megan leatherman career coach and human resources consultantI'm pretty interested in you, dear reader. I'm interested in the unresolved questions in your heart - questions about your path, your gifts, and what to do next.

So for the next 9 posts, from now until August 2nd (which, no coincidence, is a new moon), I'll be asking questions. My hope is that you'll make space for the answers inside of you - small spaces, twice a week, that feel juicy and clarifying and refreshingly honest.

I also hope you'll share your answers with me and others in a private LinkedIn group I've created called A Wild New Work*. I'll be sharing my own answers to each question there, and I'd love to read yours and discuss together the highs and lows of forging ahead in our worklives.

My first question is a light one:

What's working in your career today?

Head this way to share your answer and read mine.

*From what I can tell, LinkedIn groups have to be private, so you'll need to request to join your first time there. I'll do my best to approve your request right away so you can join the discussion!

It's "Pay What You Can" Day!

megan leatherman career coach and human resources consultantToday is a special day, y'all: it's a full moon, the summer solstice, and it also happens to be the week when, two years ago, I started working for myself - totally unsure of where that path would lead me. There's a lot to celebrate, and in the spirit of abundance that these long summer days bring, I'm sharing some of the wealth with anyone who's in need of some extra career support!

All day today (and just today), you can schedule a 45-minute career coaching session over the phone or Skype for $1, $10, $100 - whatever amount feels right to you! 

The more that your gifts get shared with the world, the better, and on this celebratory day, I want to do what I can to help make that happen.

If this idea tugs at your heartstrings, head on over to this link and let's put something on the calendar!



What Would be Helpful to You in Your Career?

I work hard to create content, classes, and one on one sessions that are impactful and helpful to you - the people I'm here to serve! To make sure I'm headed in the right direction, I'm hoping you'll give me some quick feedback today! In return, I will be very, very grateful and I'll send one raffle winner a $25 gift card to Powell's, the "city of books" that's based in beautiful Portland, Oregon! For you out of towners, don't worry: their online store is gigantic, so you will not miss out.

This 7-question survey will probably only take you 5 minutes, and would help me a ton! It's totally anonymous, so you can be candid! Please consider taking a minute to fill it out.

The raffle winner will be announced next Monday, April 11th, so keep your eyes peeled in case it's you!

If surveys aren't your thing but you have thoughts about what kinds of resources you need in your career, feel free to just email me at megan (at) meganleatherman (dot) com.

xo, Megan

A Work Life Integration Class, Career Creator Series, and More!

purple-spring-flower-lilac It's been a busy February, y'all.

Not being on social media freed up some much-needed time for me to create curriculum and content that's here to serve people like you: modern professionals who are ready to have worklives that are actually enriching*. 

In Oregon, Spring has definitely sprung. Daffodils are blooming, the cherry blossoms are out to play, and once the thermometer hit 58 degrees, you know us Oregonians were out on the patio in shorts soaking up the sun, pasty legs and all.

Spring has spring in my business as well, and it's a beautiful thing when we allow our own energies to sync up with what's happening in Nature. I'm so excited to share what's blossoming in my work with you! 


First up: I've been working on an overhaul of my website. You may have known me as the founder of Integrated Consulting, which was a lovely and appropriate name for what I was seeking to do in my work last year, but lately it just stopped feeling right.

I felt awkward and inauthentic working behind a company name when it was really just me in my home office, usually in yoga pants and a messy bun. So, with the help of amazing folks like Katie Dwyer and Gregory Nolan, I've "reimagined" my website and am moving forward without any pretense - I'm just Megan Leatherman, and you can check out my new website, www.meganleatherman.com, to learn more about what I do and even schedule your first appointment!

The Career Creator SeriesSecond to bloom: The Career Creator Series, starting on March 7th! I've teamed up with Andrea Gerson, an awesome resume writer and career counselor, to offer Portlanders a series of interactive, dynamic career workshops.

Our first three-session series is a deep dive into how to find the right career path for you - a career path that is the best and highest use of your unique strengths. This is the career workshop I needed back when I moved to Portland with no idea what I was doing with my life, and I know it will be powerful for you if you're in a similar boat right now! Click here to learn more and enroll in the Career Creator Series.

Work Life Integration Course Photo for Workshop Page (1)Finally: I'm offering a Work Life Integration Class online on March 15th. This is a little treasure that I've been nurturing for a while now, and I can't wait to dive in and walk folks through how to actually integrate work and life in a way that leaves them feeling energized instead of depleted.

I write a lot about work life integration on this blog, and I also train organizations on how to use it to support their employees. Now, I'm offering a 90-minute online class for anyone in the world who wants to learn how to practically integrate work and life. Attendees will walk away with a map of their current v. ideal integration mixes, practical tips for starting to integrate today, and lots of other tools for living a life with more ease and grace. You can click here to learn more and sign up for Work Life Integration: An introductory class!

So, those are some of the things I've been hard at work on this month. Everything I've been working on is designed to serve people like you, dear readers - modern professionals who are hungry for some soulful career revitalization.

If any of these offerings resonate with you, I hope you'll sign up or share them with your community. As always, if there's something else that you think would be helpful, I hope you'll contact me and let me know.



*A quick update on my social media fast: it has definitely helped me renegotiate my relationship to sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, and now I view them as a valuable resource for connecting with others instead of a total bummer.

Lightning Coaching Sessions until January 22nd!

photo-1431440869543-efaf3388c585 Hi dear readers!

I'm making an effort this month to really dig deep into the issues you're dealing with in your worklives.

In the spirit of learning more and wanting to support you, I'm offering 10 free lightning coaching sessions for 20 minutes each, and you can sign up between now and Friday, January 22nd!

It's just 20 minutes over the phone or Skype where we can focus in on an issue you're dealing with in your worklife. Fast, powerful, and illuminating conversations, no strings attached.

To snag 1 of 10 spots, sign up here by January 22nd!

Strikingly yours,