A New 9-Part Series: Questions & Answers

megan leatherman career coach and human resources consultantI'm pretty interested in you, dear reader. I'm interested in the unresolved questions in your heart - questions about your path, your gifts, and what to do next.

So for the next 9 posts, from now until August 2nd (which, no coincidence, is a new moon), I'll be asking questions. My hope is that you'll make space for the answers inside of you - small spaces, twice a week, that feel juicy and clarifying and refreshingly honest.

I also hope you'll share your answers with me and others in a private LinkedIn group I've created called A Wild New Work*. I'll be sharing my own answers to each question there, and I'd love to read yours and discuss together the highs and lows of forging ahead in our worklives.

My first question is a light one:

What's working in your career today?

Head this way to share your answer and read mine.

*From what I can tell, LinkedIn groups have to be private, so you'll need to request to join your first time there. I'll do my best to approve your request right away so you can join the discussion!