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A Wild New School is a learning community rooted in the laws, beauty, and rhythms of Nature. Students are invited to reclaim their relationship to the cycles of seasonal living and to experience healing and growth as a result.

As the Earth revolves around the Sun each year, we experience the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Each season has its own energy, and many of us have become detached from the wisdom found within them. A Wild New School offers four online or hybrid (online and in-person) courses per year, each one focused on the themes and offerings of the current season. By aligning our learning and actions with the seasons, we return to our natural rhythms and make change out of groundedness, not fear or desperation.

Life in Western culture remains based on an industrial and linear model of living. Overwhelm and exhaustion plague us throughout the year, and it can begin to feel as though every day is the same. By reconnecting with the natural world and the unique invitations of each season, we step out of overwhelm and burnout and choose to act as part of Nature, not separate from her. A Wild New School offers an innovative blend of practical, seasonal wisdom and personal development.

Our upcoming course, Autumn: Begin Again, begins September 30th!

The Podcast

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“A Wild New Work: Ecological guidance for your career” is an innovative podcast about the worlds of Nature and Work and how they relate to one another. Episodes are shared twice per month and cover the Seasons, natural cycles, the zodiac calendar, flora, fauna, and how it can all support you in becoming a wise person. In this podcast, we celebrate the beauty and balance of Nature, and we invite you to join us!

You can listen on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and SoundCloud or right here on our website.

Here’s what some of our fans have said about the podcast:

“Megan brings a unique perspective to approaching your career and life. She encourages us to slow down and think differently. Much needed in today’s hectic environment!” -katymyers

“Great podcast that reframes some of the modern career development tropes. My hesitations about the very “earthy” approach were quickly erased when I immediately felt the value of using a different lens and started to feel more centered in my career planning. Look forward to continued listening!” -Sir D


A Wild New Work is an ecological model for career development. Based on the rhythms and laws of Nature, it seeks to provide renewal and resilience to today’s workers.


Megan is available for company or association workshops, keynotes, and more. If your group would benefit from a nature-based perspective on career development, you can learn more below.

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