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The place where two ecosystems meet is called an ecotone. It’s comprised of the two individual ecosystems but includes something entirely new as well, something greater than the sum of its parts. By bringing the ecosystems of Work and Nature together, a new ecotone is created - one rich in diversity, renewal, and potential. We call it “A Wild New Work.”

A Wild New Work was unofficially born in 2016 as a four-part class focused on how to realign your work with your inner truth. Since then, it’s been a webinar, a podcast, a coaching program, and now it’s entering a new stage of evolution: life as a container for all of this work. Life as a business.

Since 2014, Megan Leatherman operated her coaching business under her name, and that worked for a time. But as the work grew, it became clear that it wanted to have its own presence in the world, so on April 4, 2019, it was officially shepherded into being.

A Wild New Work is a business with particular services and offerings, but it’s also a new model for professional growth. To work in a wild new way is to take one’s place in “the family of things,” as Mary Oliver put it. To work in this way is to learn how to trust one’s inner knowing, stay present with what is, deepen resiliency, and be a part of the rich network of Life.

A Wild New Work embodies the following values:

  1. Trust. In oneself, in one another, and in the rhythms and laws of Nature.

  2. Presence. Releasing preoccupation with the past and the future, we can be attentive to what opportunities are directly in front of us and take one aligned step at a time.

  3. Care. Tending to the body and the earth is foundational to doing good work in the world.

  4. Connection. Our work serves to deepen our connection to self, others, and the world around us.

A Wild New Work is here to contribute to a new paradigm of work and career development. It is informed by fields such as permaculture, forest therapy, mindfulness, and ecology. The industrial era of work is obsolete, and so too are its mechanical approaches to employee relations and productivity. We now have an opportunity to step out of the strictures of this model and into something much more relevant to our times.

Our climate is in crisis, and so are we. The pollution, pressure and decay that the Earth experiences is mirrored in our own burnout and overwhelm. Now is a time for radical change within and outside of us, and our careers can be a source of healing and support for humans and all of the life forms that we share this planet with. You don’t have to work in the field of conservation in order to give your gifts to the Earth. By returning to your own wildness, you will remember how best to contribute to the rebalancing of our planet.

This work is for everyone because Nature is for everyone. Every person has a right to dignified work that supports their well-being and that of their community. No matter what you do for work, where you are in your professional journey, or how you identify, you are welcome here.

About the Team


Megan Leatherman, MS, PHR

Founder & Director

Megan has served as a career coach, Human Resources consultant, podcaster, writer, speaker and Tarot reader since 2014. She has helped thousands of thoughtful professionals remember their strengths and leverage them in order to become more resilient and successful at work.

She has a Master’s degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution from the University of Oregon School of Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. She is also a certified Professional in Human Resources and has completed Lindsay Mack’s 8-week Soul Tarot School.

She aspires to build a business that is ultimately a source of healing for all those who pass through it. She believes Nature is our greatest teacher and regularly spends time outside, learning about what it means to be in right relationship with ourselves and with the Earth. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon and works with people and organizations from all over the United States. She has a loving partner named Chris who works as a Mental Health professional, and together they have a beautiful young daughter named Wyette and another child on the way, due in March 2020. You can follow Megan on LinkedIn.


Megan Miller

Co-founder of A Wild New School

Megan Miller has been supporting individuals, couples and families for over 12 years as a mental health therapist in the Portland area. In the fall of 2018 she moved to the Oregon coast and began her training as a life coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy. She currently offers both therapy and coaching services to individual clients through online platforms. Her work centers around supporting individuals to find greater mindfulness and self-care in their lives. Megan loves the outdoors and finds great healing and insight through her connection to nature. She is excited for the launch of A Wild New School in the summer of 2019 and looks forward to supporting individuals and their careers through this beautiful program. More information can be found at or on Instagram @inspiredlife_nw.