Live Career Q + A on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd

megan leatherman career coach and human resources consultantHey there readers, This is a special alert to let you know about a free question and answer session I'm doing *live* next week!

From 10 - 11 PST on Tuesday morning, I'll be fielding any questions you have about your worklife!

Questions could range from the job search process to how you can create a career you love. You could ask about a gnarly situation you're in at work, or about how to survive in a job you know is the wrong fit. Any and all work-related topics are welcome!

We'll be meeting on my Facebook page, chattin' it up and learning together for an hour. This will be more fun than refreshing your email at work while everyone just waits to leave for the Thanksgiving holiday, I promise.

To sign up and be alerted when we're live, click here for the event page.

I'd love to have you there! Of course, if you have a more complex issue you want help with, my Dear Megan column is always available.