"Am I Doing It Right?"

"Am I Doing It Right?"

I grew up as the oldest of five kids. Our family of seven was...bustling, to say the least.

As the oldest, I thought it was my job to minimize the stress on my parents as much as possible, and so I got very good at being obedient (until my teenage years, anyway - but that's a post for another day).

I was a pretty mellow kid and didn't get bored easily, and my siblings were fairly similar. One thing we heard over and over again at church was "you kids are so well-behaved!"

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Win a Spot in A Wild New Work!

megan leatherman a wild new workI'm offering working women in Portland a new, innovative group experience starting October 29th, and it's called A Wild New Work. This group is for women who are ready to make work work for them. 

It's for women who want to find ways to bring more of themselves into their careers with a supportive community behind them.

We'll meet for four hours per session and dig deep into issues like intuition, boundaries at work, and work life integration.

If you're ready to shake things up in your worklife and imagine a better, wilder way of doing things, I've got some good news:

I'm giving away a spot in this group for free! 

Spaces normally cost $475, but with one click, you could be joining us gratis!

Here's all you have to do: just pick a social media outlet (or choose all three and triple your chances to win!) below and "like" the post! That will enter your name into the raffle, and I'll choose the winner on Wednesday afternoon. Easy peasy!

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Tonight!: Harmonious Living for the Modern Professional

Hello! It's not too late to sign up for the online class tonight, March 15th, at 5:30pm PST. If you've been feeling overwhelmed with work and life demands and need some extra support, I hope you'll sign up for this event! The class will be recorded, so no worries if you can't make it live this evening. Below is a quick video I recorded for folks who are on the fence and want to learn more!

To sign up, you can head over to www.meganleatherman.com/workshops, select March 15th as the date, and fill in your information. I hope to see you there!