What Would You Do With a Free Day?

megan leatherman career coach and human resources consultantThis is part four in a new nine-part discussion series called "A Wild New Work," which is focused on helping people introspect about their own worklives and how to imbue them with more wildness, freedom, and joy. Today's question is a fun one:

What would you do today if money were no object and you weren't expected to be anywhere?

It's time to play imaginary hooky! Pretend it's a free day - you woke up and have all the money you need in the bank, no one's expecting you at home, work, or school, and you can spend the day however you want to.

Would you run errands? Clean the house? Sleep in? Go to a spa? Head to the beach? How would you spend this special day?

More importantly, does your answer have anything to do with how you're feeling about your worklife?

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