Let Go of Suffering in Your Career

So many of us suffer in our worklives. From overwork to miscommunication in the office to the pain of not knowing what it is we’re good at, there’s a lot to sort through. But oftentimes we go overboard and buy into stories about the pain (and ourselves) that aren’t true. The unreasonable expectations of a boss become a story about how we can never get enough done, or about how we’re not savvy enough to keep up in today’s world. Or the snags in a job search become a story about how unemployable we are and how we’ll never find work again.

Our brains are constantly keeping us in loops of suffering, but we don’t have to stay there. In this episode of “A Wild New Work: Ecological guidance for your career,” I share some thoughts about how to work with the very real pain that comes up in our careers from a grounded place, not disempowerment.

Specifically, I cover:

  • The differences between pain and suffering

  • “Spiritual bypassing” and why it’s important to acknowledge systemic discrimination while taking responsibility for our choices around pain and suffering

  • Examples of how pain can turn into suffering at work

  • How to identify the pain point in order to let go of suffering

  • How to re-imagine ourselves as people who are capable of more than suffering at work

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • I’ll be offering a class on March 19th focused on how to work with the energies of Spring in your career. Join my email list to find out when that’s released.

  • Poem by Rumi:

    “If you desire healing,

    let yourself fall ill

    let yourself fall ill.”

    ― Rumi

  • To learn more about the astrological happenings of this season, I encourage you to check out chaninicholas.com.