How to Begin the Process of Reinvention in Your Career

What can tulips teach us about reinventing ourselves at work? In this podcast episode, we’ll learn about the tulip’s life cycle and the alchemical process it undergoes in order to bloom each year. From ancient celebrations of new life to Aquarius season and beyond, this episode is full of wisdom about how to work with the energy of early Spring.

We all experience a desire for new growth in our lives, and now is a potent time to begin imagining what’s possible in your career this year. As we do the work of Winter (resting, slowing down), new energy becomes available for change. We can support that process in ourselves by trusting our instincts and telling new stories about where we’re planted and what’s available to us this year.

In this episode, I specifically cover:

  • Where we are in Nature’s cycle at this time

  • The life cycle of the tulip

  • What the tulip’s process teaches us about our own growth

  • How to open up new energy for reinvention in your career

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