A Wild New Work Podcast: Healthy Flow in Our Careers

A Wild New Work Podcast: Ecological Guidance for Your Career is a monthly podcast which covers the major themes at play for us at work and it’s designed to support you in taking intentional, wise, soul-centered action in your career, all based on the rhythms of Nature.


This month's theme is Water. Flow. Hydration. Renewal. Working with Water is about knowing when to surge ahead and when to conserve our resources.

Overwork, burnout, and the rage that comes from not feeling like we're in alignment with our Soul's purpose can all be soothed by the healing properties of water, and that's what I explore in this month's episode.


  • Signs you may need to pause and emulate the stillness of water
  • How to embody a calm, cool lake in your career
  • Signs you may need to open the floodgates and get moving in your worklife
  • Ways to reintroduce flow to a stagnant career

What can water teach you this month? What cues can you take from the plants and animals that are able to thrive under the hot sun because they're wise about how they use their resources and their energy?

Click below to listen to this month's episode of A Wild New Work: Ecological guidance for your career!

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