June: Intuitive Musings for Your Worklife

Happy June! Can you feel Summer marching toward us? Preparing for and meditating on the themes coming up for this month was an interesting experience for me, and I'm so excited to share this episode of Intuitive Musings for Your Worklife with you.

This month's theme is The Phoenix. Yowza. That's a powerful metaphor, and if you dread the possibility of *more* change coming, fear not: it doesn't have to look the way it has in the past.

Some of the things I share in this month's episode are:
- What the Phoenix might symbolize for professionals like us
- The two methods we can use this month to cope with this fiery, transformative energy
- Ways to be clear about the goals and ambitions you carry with you into the latter half of 2018

Also, this month I got extra excited and created a complementary worksheet for you! This short worksheet includes journaling prompts as well as a list of ways you can turn the Phoenix energy into action in your life. Click here to access this handout.

You can access this month's episode above! If this podcast feels supportive to you, please consider sharing it with someone in your network so that this work can grow and find others to uplift :)

As always, if you'd like to process anything coming up in your career, I'm always available to you via email, on LinkedIn, or Instagram (links are in the footer)!