What to Do About Crippling Self-Doubt

Wolves play an important part in their ecosystems. They ensure that ungulates like deer and caribou don’t decimate grass and other flora by overgrazing the same areas over and over again. The wolves’ presence keeps deer, coyote, and other populations in check so that all organisms in the ecosystem can thrive.

There is a part of each of us that wants to stay in our familiar, oft-grazed meadows. We don’t want to move or seek out greener pastures because what we have is fine. There is another part of us that is wild and wolf-like that seeks to grow, hunt, and howl at the moon. When the wise part of us knows that it’s time to venture out into new territory, it can suddenly and somewhat viciously force us out of our comfort zone, just like the wolves run the deer away. This is a necessary part of keeping our ecosystem healthy and balanced.

When we’ve been run out of our meadow, we can become crippled by mental loops of self-doubt. “How could this happen again?” “I have nowhere to go.” “I’m so bad at everything.” On and on, we quiver in our shame and resistance. If we’re wise, we’ll use this as an opportunity to embody our wolf nature.

In this month’s episode, I cover:

  • Some interesting facts about wolves and their impact on ecosystems

  • What it can look like to be run out of your familiar valleys and meadows

  • How to snap out of self-doubt and shame and start taking small steps toward what you desire

  • Ways to reconnect to the part of you that is wild (meaning: natural)

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