A Wild New Work Podcast: Motherhood as a Portal to Deeper Service

This post includes the latest episode of my podcast, A Wild New Work: Ecological guidance for your career. This month I'm sharing a bit about my experience of becoming a mother and what I see as the gifts that motherhood has to teach us about our careers. 

As a relatively new mom and someone with a lot of career ambition, it's been tough to integrate these two roles in a way that feels right to me. But one day I realized that that was probably just because I was neglecting all of the wisdom and insight that motherhood offers me.

This episode is a celebration of feminine power, whether you are a mother already, want to be a mother, don't want to be a mother, gave birth, adopted, have a uterus or not. It is an invitation into a new way of looking at motherhood and the deep medicine available to us if we can see its value.

For each of the four stages below, I look at the dominant cultural narratives, the wisdom held in each step of the process, and what these metaphors could mean for our worklives:

  • Pregnancy

  • Birth

  • Postpartum

  • New Motherhood

One of the beauties of motherhood is that it forces us to re-evaluate where we spend our precious time and energy. If you're in that process now and want more support, you can click here for more information about my in-depth coaching program, which is enrolling until October 23rd.

I'm choosing to believe that rather than being an impediment to our meaningful work, motherhood can actually be a portal taking us into deeper levels of service. May this episode encourage and empower you!

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