People You Should Meet: Seth Godin

People You Should Meet Periodically on this blog, we'll tell you about people we think are awesome and that you should e-meet. These people are ones who either emulate integration in their work lives, speak creatively about business or organizations, or are just doing really cool things.

First up: Seth Godin. Have you heard of him? I get his blog posts in my inbox every morning, and it's fabulous. He offers quick snippets of insight that push me to think more creatively about how organizations should be managed. His background is in marketing, but I think his thoughts are helpful to anyone who is part of an organization (so, everyone).

I found out about him initially because he recorded a podcast on the uh.mazing. On Being with Krista Tippett. He's written many, many books and seems to be one of those people whose success is simply an output of his intense love for what he does. One quote of his that has stuck with me:

One of the critical decisions of every career:

"Well, there's plenty more to do, I'll do the least I can here and then move on to the next one."


"I only get to do this one, once. So I'll do it as though it's the last chance I'll ever have to do this work, to please this customer, to ring this bell."

People who bring their whole selves to work like Seth does are such an inspiration to me - they've found work that's a natural outlet for their passions and don't let the gremlins of "not good enough" or "this has to appeal to everyone" get in their way. You can check him out here: Enjoy!