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A Tarot reading focused on your career offers insights into your strengths and the unique opportunities available to you at this time. This offering is an invitation to step out of old, worn out loops of thinking and being in your worklife and step into a new cycle of professional growth. Using meditation, astrology, the Tarot, and my ability to see patterns and themes, I do what feels like acupuncture on your worklife: it's precise, clear, and it gets things moving.

The benefits of an Intuitive Career Reading include:

  • Information about what you’re invited to master in your lifetime and within the current year

  • A renewed sense of purpose and direction in your career

  • Concrete action steps that are unique to you, your strengths, and your situation at work

The Tarot is an ancient deck of cards that tell the story of what it means to be human. The lessons in each card show us where we can get stuck or where we can grow, and the symbols on them are meant to trigger our own intuition about what we need. As a reader of the cards, I draw cards at random on your behalf and look for patterns and themes that will be helpful to you and your unique situation. For more information on the Tarot and how it can be used for personal growth, click here.

Your Intuitive Career Reading consists of:

  • Calculations of your Life Path Card as well as your Card for the Current Year;

  • A career-specific Tarot spread with my interpretations;

  • 5 - 10 concrete suggested next steps for how you can take action on the wisdom that has come up for you;

  • A private link to a 30-minute audio recording in which I describe your reading in detail.

Because we don't need to meet, your reading can be done amidst your busy schedule. Some of the questions participants have asked as they step into this process include:

  • How can I do work that supports me better financially but doesn't compromise my values?

  • How can my strengths really flourish?

  • Is there something I'm missing? Am I on the right track?

To see an anonymized and shortened example of the document you will receive, you can click here.

each participants' life path card is calculated and included in their reading.

each participants' life path card is calculated and included in their reading.

Here are some kind words from those who have experienced this process:

"Doing the Intuitive Career [Reading] with Megan was incredibly affirming. I felt very connected to her through the process, even though we didn't meet in person. It was very easy to fit into my busy schedule, and the results were quite helpful. Megan affirmed and validated things that had been floating around in my head that I had not yet articulated or recognized the importance of. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who is open to using a variety of tools to address questions or challenges in their life." - Alix Devendra

"Megan's readings are like a true arrow, with a softness and spirituality or candle that lights the way. She reminded me of the life force that we all have at our disposal. I would highly recommend this process if you feel stuck or faltering in your path." - Patty

"This process, while simple on the surface, was a profound experience for me. The tarot reading proved eerily accurate in identifying the crossroad I find myself at in working to embrace who I am and who I want to be in my career and community. Megan's thoughtful interpretation and gentle affirmations throughout the reading made me feel supported and empowered to lean into this journey of discovery with greater energy and conviction." - Erica B.

If you sense that change is afoot in your career but you aren't sure what it's going to take to get closer to your best work, I invite you to engage in this process with me!

I charge $120 for an Intuitive Career Reading, and you can use the form below to schedule yours. If you have any questions or trouble, feel free to reach out.