Today’s workers are hungry for deeper and more meaningful information that can be immediately applied to their unique situation. Learning about the lessons of Nature and what they can teach us about work provides audience members with a sense of wholeness and wider perspective about their careers.

We believe that most people want to contribute at a high level within their organizations, and Megan designs her workshops to tap into that part of each of your employees. Using Nature as the guide, she brings in the wisdom of plants, animals, seasons and more to shed new light on the issues that come up in our careers and in our organizations. She also draws from the field of mindfulness and includes short meditations and guided visualizations in most of her workshops.

Feedback we’ve received about the benefits of Megan’s workshops and keynote addresses includes:

  • Decreased levels of stress and increased levels of well-being among audience members

  • A sense of empowerment to tap into one’s strengths at work

  • Deepened connection to self, peers, and the natural world

  • Concrete action steps that amplify one’s resilience at work

Megan was a speaker at the inaugural Human.School conference in Portland, OR in 2018. She at once soothed, educated, and replenished our audience of human resources and people operations professionals - many of whom feel constantly pulled in many directions in their work. She ran a workshop called “Leveraging Your Strengths and Values to Create Positive Change at Work” which offered learners the chance to examine their strengths and clarify the values that drive them to do what they do. Learners then created a picture of the resources they can use to make meaningful impact in their organizations. Everything I heard from participants was glowing - I would highly recommend Megan if you’re looking for a wise, compassionate, action-oriented leader for your event.
— Kristen Gallagher, Founder of Edify

Megan currently focuses her speaking engagements on one of two topics: Future-proofing Your Career and Greater Alignment at Work, which is an overview of how to align one’s career activity with the Seasons. She’s open to designing a custom workshop for your group if neither of these topics fit.

Megan also has advanced training in Facilitation and is a skilled guide for teams running important meetings, retreats, and offsites. Her facilitation style incorporates mindfulness, nature-based wisdom, and strong tools to keep the group on time and focused on their shared goals.

If the members of your organization or association would benefit from a nature-based keynote, workshop, lunch and learn or facilitated meeting, we'd love to chat. You can contact us by clicking below.