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Our careers can be expressions of our life’s purpose and a gift to others, including the Earth. No matter how we express our creativity or earn money, self-awareness and alignment is always possible.

To do work that doesn’t fit for us often feels draining, confusing, and confining. I’ve been in those roles myself and have experienced the lethargy and hopelessness that can come from feeling trapped in a job or career path. My role as a Mentor is to support you in taking steps that break these cycles and empower you to create a career that nourishes you. When we’re doing work that’s in alignment with our strengths, desires, and natural rhythms, we experience:

  • Greater clarity about the kind of work that does and doesn’t work for us

  • Empowerment to make career decisions that fit for us

  • New openings and opportunities we would have otherwise overlooked

  • A sense of ease and flow threading throughout our work lives

"My experience with Megan is truly shaping my foundation of how I approach showing up to work now and in the future." - Megan S.

Participants leave the Career Mentorship program with a greater level of trust in themselves and ownership over their careers. Many of my clients have been promoted, moved into better jobs, or have begun the process of working for themselves as a result of our time together. Wherever your intuition is leading you, I’d be honored to walk beside you through this work.

As a Mentor, my role is to guide and counsel you as you explore your strengths and follow the cues you’re getting from your intuition about what pathway to take next. I do this by using tools such as:

  • Astrology

  • Tarot

  • Seasonal and Moon Cycles

  • Biomimicry and information about the natural world

  • My background in communication and conflict resolution

  • My experience in Human Resources and Recruiting

"I have nothing but good things to say about working with Megan during my job search. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of practical advice, assistance, and encouragement in their professional life." - Brittany B.

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Primary Objectives:

The most important things that clients receive through this mentorship are:

  • Clarity about their values: what’s most important to them in their work and life

  • Acceptance for where those values are misaligned in their career

  • Concrete, strengths-based action toward re-alignment and a career that’s meaningful to them

It’s not uncommon for clients to have made significant career changes throughout our time together and for new doors to open up as a result of their clarifying work.

Mentorship Components + Outline:

I work with clients through a 3-month program that includes:

  • 7 virtual sessions

  • Reflection forms and my recorded audio responses

  • A Holistic Strengths Assessment

  • For mentees in Portland, the option to do up to two outdoor sessions together

The program is structured enough to provide a strong container for your process, but is fluid enough to address whatever you need at the time.

The general outline of the process is below:

Week One: Assessment and identification of the “core issue(s)” Week Seven: Introduction to values-based intention-setting

Week Two: Deeply understanding the issues and how you got here. Week Eight: Working with intentions

Week Three: Introduction to visioning work Week Nine: Action planning

Week Four: Continuation of visioning Week Ten: Strengths assessment

Week Five: Exploring your deeply-held values Week Eleven: Taking strengths-based actions

Week Six: Living out your values Week Twelve: Closing

“Why ‘Mentorship’ and not ‘Career Coaching’?”


In 2019, I chose to change my offering to Mentorship rather than Career Coaching for a few reasons. The first is simply that the job title of “Career Coach” never really resonated with me, and it’s important that we feel aligned with the identity of our work. The second reason is that the orientation of Mentorship is, to me, much more grounded and less “rah-rah” than I’ve found the world of Coaching to be. Other than these two things, the heart of this program remains rooted in the coaching work I’ve done with clients since 2014.

"[Megan] has an inviting and calming presence that lends itself to creating an open and trusting environment. I feel re-energized after spending time in her groups and one-on-one." - Sarah S.

Next Steps:

To enroll in the Career Mentorship program, please schedule a free consultation below so that I can learn more about you and discuss whether or not my work is a good fit for you at this time. If we both agree to move forward, the cost of the program is $1,200 and can be paid in full, over 3 monthly payments, or over 6 monthly payments. Sessions are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 2pm PST.

If you have any questions prior to scheduling your consultation, please feel free to contact me!