Free: Successfully Navigating Career Transitions as a Highly Sensitive Person

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October 10 Webinar(1).png

Free: Successfully Navigating Career Transitions as a Highly Sensitive Person


Career transitions like promotions, job loss, or forging new career paths can be tricky times for everyone, but those who are highly sensitive face a different set of challenges. Deeply emotional and attuned to their inner and outer environments, highly sensitive people (HSPs) have a lot to offer the world through their work if they can successfully navigate the terrain.

If you’re someone who notices a lot about your surroundings, gets overwhelmed in busy or noisy environments, and who seems to need more “down time” than others, you’re in the right place.

Before I learned that I was an HSP, transitions in my career were overwhelmingly difficult. Stuck in a loop of second guessing myself and over-analyzing each step, I would often make myself sick or exhausted through the process. Once I began to understand how I’m innately wired and what that means for me as a working person--and as a working mother--I became more adept at navigating the seas of change both within and outside of me.

In this free class, originally recorded as a webinar, I share:

  • What it means to be a highly sensitive person

  • The strengths of HSPs and how they can be brought to life in your career

  • A 6-step career transition process and how you can strengthen your HSP gifts throughout this natural change

  • Information about how you can deeply transform your career this fall and winter

If you identify as someone who is sensitive and who wants to feel more at home in your career, you are most welcome!

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