Breathe New Life into Your Career

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Breathe New Life into Your Career, Website Image.png

Breathe New Life into Your Career


This is a course for people who feel stuck in their careers. If you feel burnt out, overwhelmed, bored to tears, or generally dissatisfied with where you are in your worklife, you’re in the right place.

You’re not feeling this way because of a lack of effort, I’m sure. You work hard, you probably think about your career a lot, and you’ve likely tried numerous things to get moving in the right direction. Some of that activity may have led to positive results, but it took a lot of energy and you’re still not where you’d like to be.

As the flowers begin to bloom and young animals are born, there is a freshness in the air that we can breathe in and begin to emulate. The days are getting longer, and you may be feeling a renewed sense of vitality - a little extra energy that wants to be channeled into making change.

This course will show you how to use the vibrancy of Spring to shift things in your worklife. The wisdom of this course isn’t about trying harder or pushing yourself more in the direction you’ve been going. It’s about hitting “pause” on the burnout and overwhelm and sinking deeper into stillness, beauty, and alignment. By creating more spaciousness in your body and your life, you begin walking down a new path that holds the promise of greater fulfillment at work.

Through powerful guided meditations, journaling prompts, informational videos, ritual and more, this course offers you concrete ways to shift the energy in your career. You’ll be shown how to take regular, daily action that nourishes your body, spirit, and your worklife.

By engaging with this course, you will:

  • Know how to align your actions with the seasonal and astrological themes between now and the Summer Solstice

  • Check in with your body at a deep level in order to notice when you’re pushing in your career and when you’re allowing things to flow

  • Take daily, tiny actions that create momentum and change in your career

Between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, we have the chance to begin anew. We can take a deep breath and send fresh oxygen into the cells of our bodies and our careers so that the cycles of burnout, boredom, and confusion come to an end.


calm and continuous effort

is always more effective than

craving and expectations.”

- yung pueblo

This beautiful self-directed course includes:

  1. An introductory video with an overview of the seasonal changes coming up, major astrological themes, and how to make the most of this course so that it doesn’t wither and die in your inbox;

  2. An opening assessment to get clear about where you are in your career and what is or isn’t working;

  3. Three magical guided meditations: On Stillness, On Blooming, and Breathe New Life into Your Career;

  4. Journaling prompts to deepen your self-awareness after each meditation;

  5. An intention-setting ritual;

  6. A video titled “Create a Structure for Change,” which outlines a tri-level process for making meaningful changes in your life this season;

  7. A Resource Guide with over 40 books, podcasts, videos and practitioners that can support you on this journey.

This course can be a breath of fresh air for you, and I invite you to enroll below. The contents will be emailed to you in a concise PDF document which includes links to the videos, guided meditations, and all of the written content.

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