One Simple Way to Reconnect to Your Calling

One Simple Way to Reconnect to Your Calling

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. I didn’t mean to step away from writing this summer, but now I see that it was a natural and necessary break. On one hand, I was focused on getting monthly podcast episodes out, and on the other, I was undergoing so much change that it hardly felt like I could come up for air, much less put together a coherent post for you.

If I had to come up with a title for this summer, it would be “Brain Chemistry.” Through a series of personal events, astrological phenomena, and reaching the end of my rope with my own self-imposed limitations, I became focused on deeply upgrading my thought patterns and belief systems about what I can and cannot do.

Maybe one day I’ll tell you more about what has shifted for me this summer, but I’m still too close to it to offer anything very helpful.

For now, I want to share a practice that’s been like an anchor for me on days when I felt like I lost track of what I was meant to do in my worklife.

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