A Community Springtime Stirrings Ritual!

February 2nd is the ancient Celtic holiday known as Imbolc, and it traditionally marked the very first stirrings of Spring.

We've passed through the Winter Solstice, but the Spring Equinox isn't here yet, and so we're in this really exciting time of longing for Spring. A time of knowing that it's going to be planting time soon, of feeling the Earth warm or brighten but still seeing winter all around us.

It's been a while since I've checked in with the members of my community (that's you!) about what you want to plant and grow in your careers, and this seems like the perfect time to do that. Not only do I want to know what you're intending for this year, but I bet it would be inspiring for you to see what others are up to as well!

So, I've created a short little ritual we can all do together, but it will require some preparation and your participation :)

The first step, if you're willing, is to share 2-3 seeds you want to plant this Spring via this Google form.

What do you most want to experience, discard, upgrade, call in, or transform in your career this year? They can be big or small, and you can keep it as vague or detailed as you want.

Second, I'll compile all of the responses and share them (with just your first name) with my email newsletter community (sign up here) on Imbolc, which is February 2nd.

Third, we can each lift up one another's intentions together in some small way. 

On my altar at home, I have a candle especially for each of the people I share a path with in my work (i.e., my "coaching clients"). I regularly light this candle and ask that they be blessed with courage, clarity, and support in realizing their intentions, and I'd love to do that for each of you.

And, I think it would be amazing if you did it for one another, too. The more positive, loving energy we can put behind our intentions, the better, so if you'd like to participate, you can print the list I send and place it on your own altar, read it aloud while you light a candle, or just take it in on your computer screen and wish each other well. 

Let's try it! Please feel free to share this widely, too - the more, the merrier. Again, here's the link to the Springtime Stirrings Ritual Form!

Here's to an abundant harvest ahead - one of generosity, creativity, and a whole lot of people doing their aligned work.