What Will You Do to Prepare for Spring?

megan leatherman career coach human resources consultant work imbolc spring

Tomorrow is officially the Celtic holiday of Imbolc, an ancient celebration marking the shift from Winter to Spring. It was a time when herding animals like sheep were beginning to give birth, little wildflowers were popping up, and the sun was lingering in the sky for a little longer each day. Even if there's snow on the ground, frost on our windows, or if the darkness still feels oppressive, something in us is stirring. We know deep down that Spring will inevitably come again, and soon.

Spring surprises me every year. One day I'll wake up and be astonished at all of the blossoms on the trees, or by the daffodils popping up along the sidewalk. It's a gift, really - that capacity to continue to be surprised by the Earth's natural rhythms and change.

For many of us, January has been a tough month. 

The holiday season was full, the pace of New Year's was rapid, and the return to "normal" could feel like a total slog. In the United States, we also inaugurated Donald Trump as our 45th President, which has felt disorienting and heavy to me and many of the people I work with.

Amidst all of this, the Earth still turns.

Spring still marches toward us, and if we choose to do so, we can celebrate her return this week.

If you imagine Spring as a season in your career, what comes to mind? How might your worklife blossom and be renewed with this sweet, courageous energy?

Where is there potential stirring beneath the frozen ground?

No matter how you feel about your career these days, there is always potential. There is always room for growth, leverage, and blooming. Something that looks dead to us could very well be germinating and gathering strength for an amazing showcase of color and beauty when the time comes this Spring.

We have to honor this potential by giving it space to come forth. 

megan leatherman career coach human resources consultant work imbolc spring

Things like toxic thoughts, the mistreatment of our bodies, or an overwhelming schedule can be like Round-Up sprayed directly onto a bed of tulip bulbs. Despite their potential, the tulips die off because of the hostile environment created around them.

This is such a rich and exciting time if we look closely. Spring is coming, and that can absolutely be true for your career as well - it can mean more growth, exciting change, or healthier beginnings.

Where is there room to make more space for Spring's potential today? 

What feels toxic or heavy to you at work? What can you do to either manage it differently or move it out of your environment?

Where do you feel overwhelmed? Can you cancel, reschedule, or renegotiate to create more time and space for yourself?

Pretend it's time for Spring cleaning in your career. What needs to go, what can stay, and how can you create more space for what's to come?

Like I said, I'm always surprised by Spring, but that doesn't mean I have to wait until it's here to prepare for what could show up.

We don't have to know what's brewing beneath the surface in our worklives.

All we have to do is trust that something is there, warming and growing, and then make room for its beautiful, inevitable bloom.

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