The Autumn season is a bridge between the levity of Summer and the cold silence of Winter. During this time, we’re invited to find peace with transition - that uneasy but necessary process of change. 

Many of us are uncomfortable with the endings that transitions bring us, whether it’s the end of a relationship, leaving a place we once called home, the closing of a career path, or any number of metaphorical deaths that we experience in our lives. But as Nature shows us during the season of Fall, death always brings with it new life. They are two sides of the same coin and we are continually invited to “begin again” with new intentions and growth.

There is tremendous beauty in the autumnal time of year: trees alight with color, many shapes and species of squash, a crisp morning, and so much more. This beauty is brought to us by the end of the growing season, when Winter’s death knell rings and invites us into greater darkness and quiet. When we learn to live seasonally in Fall, we make space for both endings and new beginnings in our lives. We also allow for the bounty of the season to guide our activities, the foods we choose to eat and how we spend our energy.

By working with this powerful, illuminating season, you will undergo your own transformation and be invited to assess what is and isn’t working in your life at this time. This course will offer you support in beginning anew from a place of healing and groundedness. 

“Begin Again” is built around the cyclic wisdom of the natural world, including astrology and Moon cycles. You’ll notice that the course content highlights the energy of the moon as well as the zodiac signs,  and will give you tools for connecting with these powerful natural energies intellectually and within your body. For millennia, women have connected with the Moon and celestial rhythms, embodying the natural ebb and flow of each month. We’re excited to celebrate this feminine wisdom and incorporate it into this course.

Outline of the 8-week Curriculum:

This course will run from Monday, September 30th to Monday, November 25th, 2019.

9/30: Week One: Introduction to Autumn (New Moon + Libra)

10/7: Week Two: Assessing this Year’s Harvest (Full Moon)

10/14: Week Three: Discerning What to Keep and What’s Ready to Be Released (Waning Moon)

10/21: Week Four: Strengthening a Woman’s Instinct (Last Quarter Moon + Scorpio)

10/28: Week Five: Beginning Again (New Moon)

11/4: Week Six: Stocking up for Winter (First Quarter)

Tuesday, November 5th: In-person event for students in Portland, 5:30-8pm. Details forthcoming.

11/11: Week Seven: New Paths Forward (Full Moon) 

11/18: Week Eight: Closing (Waning Moon + Sagittarius)


A Wild New School was a great experience--for someone with less experience considering the wisdom of nature, my body and soul, and the Tarot, it was a really interesting way to challenge myself to think about things from a bit of a different perspective and gain helpful insights from both fellow participants and the instructors, and even to stop thinking and analyzing in favor of listening for what my body and soul had to share. - Ginny, Summer 2019 Alum

The Autumn course is in-depth, but flexible enough to fit into your daily life. With multiple modes of learning, such as written content, journaling prompts, community discussion, guided meditations, embodiment exercises, videos, seasonal recipes and more, you’ll be able to connect with the season in the ways that fit for you.

This Course is For You If:

  • You desire to learn about the rhythms of nature and reclaim how to live in accordance with the seasons

  • You’re looking to reconnect with your natural, intuitive self

  • You’re seeking greater peace and clarity regarding transitions in your life

  • You feel excited to connect with a community around themes of nature and self-discovery

  • You identify as a woman (transgender and queer students are absolutely welcome)

  • You’re willing to commit 90 minutes/week to personal growth and learning about seasonal living

Pricing Plans:

In an attempt to make this course accessible to a wide range of women, we’ve created three tiers of enrollment as well as payment plans for the Maple and Oak tiers.


The Birch Plan: $155

What’s Included: 

  1. Eight weeks of rich, season-based content delivered to you via email

  2. Entry into our private discussion group in Mighty Networks, where you can ask questions, share feedback, and connect with other students in the course

>> To enroll in the Birch Plan, click here. <<


The Maple Plan: $315

What’s Included:

  1. Eight weeks of content, delivered digitally and in the mail if you’d like

  2. Entry into our private discussion group in Mighty Networks, where you can ask questions, share feedback, and connect with other students in the course

  3. Opening Assessment and a 30-minute coaching call to clarify your needs and intentions for the Autumn season

  4. Two video Q&A sessions

  5. Free entry into the in-person event in Portland on Tuesday, November 5th

  6. Individualized feedback on your Harvest Assessment

>> To enroll in the Maple Plan, click either of the following options: Pay in Full | Pay in 3 Payments (Please note: after enrolling in the payment plan, you’ll be taken to a window with a small “Schedule” link in the middle of the page. Be sure to click on this and schedule your Orientation Call before closing the window) <<


The Oak Plan: $595

What’s Included:

  1. Everything in the Maple Plan

  2. Three 60-minute coaching calls with either Megan Miller or Megan Leatherman that will empower you to make deeper changes and stay on your own track this Autumn. This plan is designed to be a holistic, wrap-around support system for those interested in improving their lives in a tangible way this season. To learn more about the instructors’ individual experience and coaching styles, visit our About page.

>> To enroll in the Oak Plan, click either of the following options: Pay in Full | Pay in 3 Payments (Please note: after enrolling in the payment plan, you’ll be taken to a window with a small “Schedule” link in the middle of the page. Be sure to click on this and schedule your Orientation Call before closing the window) <<

A Wild New School deepened my connection to nature and what I have to learn from its cues. This course opened my soul, changed how I view my strengths and helped me put what I learned into real-life practice. The instructors are incredibly insightful, supportive and knowledgeable and have created something beautiful in this approach to learning. I can't recommend AWNS enough. - Jill, Summer 2019 Alum

About the Instructors:


Megan Miller has been supporting individuals, couples and families for over 12 years as a mental health therapist in the Portland area. In the fall of 2018 she moved to the Oregon coast and began her training as a life coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy. She currently offers both therapy and coaching services to individual clients through online platforms. Her work centers around supporting individuals to find greater mindfulness and self-care in their lives. Megan loves the outdoors and finds great healing and insight through her connection to nature. She is excited for the launch of A Wild New School in the summer of 2019 and looks forward to supporting individuals and their careers through this beautiful program. More information can be found at or on Instagram @inspiredlife_nw. 


Megan Leatherman, MS, PHR. Megan L. is the founder and director of A Wild New Work, an ecological career development agency based in the Pacific Northwest. As a career coach, Human Resources consultant, writer and host of the podcast “A Wild New Work,” Megan has helped hundreds of professionals feel more aligned at work. She has a Master’s degree in conflict resolution, experience in the field of Human Resources, and believes that our work can be a spiritual practice. Megan lives in Portland with her partner and their young daughter. While she knows that every season has its treasures, she feels most at home in the Fall.


Join Us:

If you’re hungry for a more grounded and Nature-based approach to living, we hope you’ll join us for this powerful course. We’ve seen firsthand how transformative it is to work with Nature as a teacher and healer, and we’d love to offer that to you this season. If you’re interested in staying in touch with A Wild New School and receiving seasonal wisdom throughout the year, we encourage you to sign up for our email newsletter below:


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